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Hello and Welcome of Ivko's leather gay page

I'm 30 years old guy, originally from Slovakia, but im not living there few years. As you can see on title, i'm gay and i'm into leather. But not only into leather :-) Ok, enough long words, here is some statistic of me:

name: Ivko
date of birth: 23.6.1978 so i'm really 30 years old (unfortunatelly :-)
birthplace: Bansk√° Bystrica, Slovakia
where i live now: anywhere :-)
dimensions: 175cm, 65kg - i'm more and more fat :-) hair: shaved
bodyhair: shaved
religion :-): S.H.A.R.P. gay skinhead - trully says i don't believe in any god. I believe in myself. I'm god HA HA HA :-)
what i like: sex :-), guys in leather, gay skinheads, gay bikers, fair guys, fun, good slovak food, music, crazy ideas
what i dislike:  liers, "queens", gypsies which not working, sex when i'm naked, fish, mushrooms, boredom, dirty city and winter in Prague :-)
sex preferences: except blood :-)
fetishes: leather, jeans (only original Levi's 501), Levi's denim jackets, boots, polo shirts from Lonsdale, Fred Perry or Everlast, leather chaps
partnered with my boyfriend: since 17.10.2003 and i don't need other one :-)
job: webdesigner and programmer

So that's enough about me. Let's have a look what is new on my site. So here are latest news:

25.2.2009 - Whole webiste moved to new faster server. Not everythign workign correctly upto now :-)
6.12.2008 - Added google Social network on my page. Just look down and Sign in!
7.7.2008 - You can follow my thoughs on twitter - check
9.4.2008 - CSS Naked day
27.2.2008 - my boyfriend have new website on, so please update your bookmarks :-)
31.1.2008 - several new blog post and small competition in my blog
2.1.2008 - new design. Currently only homepage. Still in beta :-)

If you wanna know more, try catch me. Usually i'm online on all popular gay sites under nickname cute-leather, cuteleather or cute_leather. Yes, i have also Live messenger and Skype. If you don't have Live messenger, try chat with me in my homepage (see below). Or try click to Skype icon to call me thru Skype (that you must have installed).



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This is not only one page which i have. I have also other project. If you plan vist Prague and you don't know to which gay bar or if Prague have any gay bar, then please check this web, where you can find all important information about bars and also with nice maps.

So, enjoy my webpage and if you have any questions or ideas, leave them in my guestbook or my forum. Thank you.


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This is private homepage of gay skinhead which love also leather and sex in leather. If you know where i can buy cheap classic leather jacket, then let me know. And last. I'm not rubber boy

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